NLP Outcome Specification – A Formula For Manifesting

Introduction to NLP Outcome Specification from an NLP student’s perspective.

Knowing how to set and achieve goals is an extremely important ability to learn, and will likely set the pace for the amount of success you will have in your life.

If you don’t know how to dedicate yourself to a goal until it is reality, you will likely have never experienced the rewarding feeling of accomplishing something hard, which is a feeling that many thrive on into adulthood and is the reason for their success.

NLP Outcome Specification – A Formula For Manifesting

This module was about visualizing your goals, and taking every variable and aspect of achieving them into consideration. Many people are disappointed when an aspect of a goal that has been achieved lets them down and isn’t what they expected.

This technique helps to lay it all out on the table, and allows you to visualize achieving that goal down to every minute along the way, taking into consideration the amount of work you will have to put in on a daily basis, the people that will be affected by the goal, and how you will be affected by it as well.

My Personal Experience

At the beginning of the year, I started an “organic movement” within my household without really consulting my fiancé about it first. I began doing research and getting educated on the matter, and slowly buying natural and organic products from the store to weed out all of the toxic chemicals in our home. I didn’t even consider my fiancés opinion, because I figured that he wouldn’t mind that I made the switch because it is a healthier way of living.

Unfortunately, my decision to make this switch without considering his opinion was a mistake. After a little bit of time buying all organic food, he began to resent it because the price of organic food is typically higher than regular food. We ended up having a couple of small disagreements when discussing the matter because we were both considering something that we were very passionate about at the moment.

After learning about this technique, I was able to realize that I should have taken his opinion into consideration first before making the change. The ecological issue of a tight budget was something that I just didn’t consider, because I was blind by my undying need to ensure the health of my family. Now, I feel I need to clarify that we both care deeply about each matter. We were just blinded by the passion of the side we each were on. Money has been tight, which is why he was stressing out about me buying organic food. I was obsessing about making sure that everything that we ate was as healthy as it could possibly be.

Fortunately, we were able to meet in the middle, and I attribute my ability to see his side and take a step back and plan, to this technique. The goal to switch your home to all natural and organic is a noble one, with nothing but good intentions. But there are always other people to consider, and a right way to go about things. I shouldn’t have jumped right into it, buying everything organic right from the get-go, and I should have considered my fiancés opinion from the start.

Why You Should Learn NLP Outcome Specification

There are many people who were never taught to set a goal and achieve it, and a lot of the time those people end up working a job they don’t like, and being under-paid due to lack of an education. By learning this technique you will be able to identify every aspect of setting this person’s goal (or your own), and ensure that it is achieved in a timely, yet relaxed fashion.


iNLP Center NLP Practitioner Certification Module 9: Outcome Specification: A Formula For Manifesting