NLP Circle of Excellence | 7 Steps to your Best Inner Resources

Topic: NLP Circle of Excellence Technique – 7 Steps Outline

Developing a resourceful state and having access to it anytime – that’s powerful.  In this post, I am going to give you a powerful tool – the NLP Circle of Excellence – that you can use to adopt a resourceful mindset at any time. FYI, it may help to know your specific goal or desired outcome prior to using the Circle of Excellence.

Seven Simple Steps to the NLP Circle of Excellence

It’s best to be standing up as you use this tool. Follow these seven steps to put the Circle of Excellence to work for you:

1. As you stand with a confident posture, imagine a circle on the floor just in front of you. The circle should be large enough that you could step into it.

2. Imagine that inside that circle are positive mental and emotional resources. In other words, there is power and motivation and enthusiasm (and anything else you need) waiting for you inside the circle.

You can imagine those positive resources are a certain, powerful color. Some like to imagine the colors rise from the floor to the ceiling, like a tall cylinder or chamber of positive energy.

3. As you watch the circle of positive energy in front of you, imagine it becoming stronger and stronger. Notice any variations in color, such as sparkling or swirling motions. This energy chamber should look amazing!You know when you step forward into the circle, you are going to feel very empowered!

You know when you step forward into the circle, you are going to feel very empowered!

4. Ask yourself, “Do I want to feel more of this powerful energy? What would my day be like if I did feel this throughout?”

5. If you want to feel these powerful resources, then step into the circle!

6. Inside the circle of excellence, feel the shift in emotions and perspective that comes with infusing yourself with this powerful energy. Think about the day and the tasks ahead, imagining moving through the day with them.

7. Step back and repeat the process if necessary. Otherwise, go about your day, keeping your personal Circle of Excellence with you to use anytime you need it!

The Circle of Excellence has many applications for NLP practitioners,  hypnotherapists, or life coaches – and should be part of any life coach training.

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