Self Awareness Test

How self-aware are you? Do you recognize your strengths and weakness? Do you notice how others react to you? Take this self awareness test to find out!

The Meta Model for Self Awareness

The iNLP Center, who created this test, uses the NLP Meta Model concept as the basis for this test. The NLP Meta Model is a set of questions that probe beneath the surface of vague and common communication. It opens the door into a deeper world of self-understanding. Once you receive a deeper level of awareness, you are able to make better life choices.

Meta Model Questions such as understanding “how” you think, feel and see things is key to understanding how your mind works. This brings a new level of self awareness.

Most people go through the day reacting. The reactions are of deeply embedded beliefs of how the world is, or your ‘personal paradigm’. You have developed these embedded beliefs from a number of sources. The questions in the self-awareness test delve into those sources to see just how aware you are of their existence and how they are affecting your life.

The Sources

Inner Parents

What opinions or judgments are you carrying around about yourself of the world since you were a child?

Personal Limitations

Are you clear on your actual limitation regarding your abilities and goals? Or do you live in a state of denial about what you actually capable of?


Do you know the areas that you sabotage yourself? Do you know why you do it and how to stop? (An interesting video on ending self-sabotage)

Your Future

Do you know what you want from your future? For those of you familiar with NLP, are you aware of your timeline and how to change it if needed?

Life Values

Are your actions congruent with your values? Basically, do you walk what you talk? If not, why?

Inner Conflicts

Do you experience inner conflict? Does one part of you want something another part of you doesn’t? What is the result? How can you connect the opposing parts?

Stress and Negativity Triggers

Do you know your triggers? Do you know, specifically, what sets you off? And most importantly, do you seek to avoid them or walk right into them? Do you know how to diffuse them?

Inner Self – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic

How integrated is your inner self? Do you consider how you feel, hear and see things? Do you check to make sure each area is in agreement? (for those not familiar with VAK, click here)

Personal Paradigm

Do you know your worldview? Are you able to articulate how you see things and realize what has influenced you?

Personal Beliefs: Positive and Negative

Are you aware of your personal beliefs and what is ‘true’ to you? Your beliefs may be positive or negative. In the self awareness test, we’ll look at your inner beliefs to see what you feel you are capable of achieving.

Want to see where you stand? Take this self awareness test to find out.

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