Modeling Succes NLP Podcast (Brainstorm)

I want to break down success into models that anyone so inclined can follow. This is the strength of NLP and I can do this live on a podcast.

The successes I am talking about are everyday successes. Someone lost weight and kept it off after years of failure. Another person finally figured out how to express anger maturely. Other ideas about everyday greatness:

• Starting a business on a shoestring
• Successfully developing a habit
• Healing yourself through journaling
• Learning to speak up when you’re terrified
• Raising children who take responsibility for themselves

There are a million things that everyday people achieve and we all have discovered different paths to success. What’s missing – or perhaps what we can learn to do better – is capture with clarity a successful person’s formula. How did she do that?

How DO you do that?

That’s the question and the opportunity for listeners of the podcast. And maybe that’s the name – How Do You Do That? Let’s figure it out. To learn how someone does something well, we need to discover:

• What’s the joy of doing it
• What kind of person are they
• What they believe – what’s true
• What skills are required – capabilities
• Which behaviors are best and when
• Where and with whom
• Other factors – the unspeakable

I can ask questions to get to the for the above:

But let’s begin with a trick question: Who are you?

Who can answer this question? No one ever seems ready for it, so the information that comes is great – and I can listen for unconscious clues:)

Then we find answers to the following questions about their thing (we’ll call their area of talent the “thing” for this post).

What’s the joy in doing your thing?
What’s true for you about your thing? What do you believe about it?
What skills are most important to do your thing?
Which habits or behaviors are critical to doing your thing?
Where, when and with whom do you do your thing – or – what environment is needed?
What did we miss?
What’s the best advice you could offer someone who wants to do your thing as well as you?

I’ll ask them to think about the questions and WRITE answers back to me before we record, instant blog post to support the podcast! They’ll learn a lot about themselves in the process.

The podcast will be hosted at iNLP Center.