NLP Secrets? Think Again

No secret techniques. No magic formulas. In case you were wondering, this is all marketing hype. Anyone who promotes NLP by promising access to the inner chamber of the NLP sanctuary that is usually reserved for the top trainers is, well, a liar.

Anyone who sells products or training in Neuro-linguistic Programming this way does not merit your hard earned money and you need not worry about wasting your precious time. You aren’t missing out on anything other than disappointment at the trainer’s inability to back up all the hype.

You might wonder why I would risk hurting the field of NLP by criticizing my colleagues like this. It is because I am sick of the lies and worse-than-used-car-salesman approaches to recruiting students. These kinds of gimmicks have compromised the field, in my opinion, hurting its credibility in the professional communities more than any other factor.

And it can’t be stopped. NLP is in the public domain. It is a free-for-all and those with the loftiest promises and slickest delivery often win, especially among the naive or unsuspecting potential student.

Here is my NLP consumer alert. Do NOT purchase training from anyone who claims the following:

  • There are NLP secrets you can gain access to
  • NLP will give you unrivaled personal power
  • NLP will magically heal you
  • NLP will instantly skyrocket your success in any field
  • NLP will allow you to read minds
  • You can tell when people are lying by watching their eyes
  • You will soon be playing sports like the professionals
  • You will overcome all your fears
  • You will be able to control the minds of other people
  • You will gain hypnotic powers over others
  • Your income will double, triple, quadruple, and more!

And so on. As I write this, I am sad that there is an obvious need for someone to step up and tell the truth. NLP is a sophisticated set of skills that can be used to help us along the way. It’s great, but the truth of it is not what many NLP promoters claim. Hopefully, you don’t need to be told this.

This is a serious problem that has compromised NLP’s credibility and emotionally hampered many unsuspecting, naive people who buy NLP programs only to learn that they do not benefit in wild, wonderful and unimaginable ways. The problem has to do with the expectation that was set to entice them to buy. Setting this expectation is a bold misrepresentation of an otherwise worthwhile product.

NLP is worthwhile. It is not your savior. You will still need to dig deep and make your way in life. NLP can help. It is one of the few things that can be significantly helpful. Isn’t that enough?

I call on all NLP trainers worldwide to be HONEST in your marketing.

Be more considerate of the expectations of your customers and clients. These are real people whose hopes and dreams may be riding on your marketing message. Have you considered what you are communicating? Take a look at your own life, Mr. or Ms. NLP trainer, and you will surely find unresolved issues and problems that NLP has not magically cured. Don’t lead others to believe that it will solve all their problems when it won’t solve all of your own.

Life is not that simple or easy. Don’t pretend otherwise. Who will join me in this quest for truth in advertising and a new level of respect for our clients?