Why Should Therapists Take NLP Training?

The iNLP Center is going to put a flyer in all the goodie bags at the next conference of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Our online NLP training is approved by CAMFT to offer continuing education to California licensed therapists. So…what shall we put on the flyer? This is good because it gives me a chance to rethink the benefits of NLP training for therapists.

What are the benefits of NLP training for therapists?

First of all, continuing education credits. I know, therapists should want to educate themselves regardless of the state requirement for CEU / CEC. But, the reality is…everyone seeks to knock out those requirements as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

On the flyer, perhaps we use the wording: Learn NLP and make your continuing education credits worthwhile!

Tools, tools, tools. NLP is known for it’s practicality. When you study NLP, your mind will be blown by two things:

  1. How much communication (on the inside and out) goes unnoticed.
  2. How useful it is to notice it and do something with it to change your life for the better.

Practical Tools for Therapists

Not only practical, but NLP tools pull from unconscious patterns, so the tools increase self-awareness at the same time. This is a major area of importance for therapists.

Add a Professional Certification to your Resume

NLP Practitioner is a professional certification and therefore a worthwhile endeavor for therapists who are seeking to build their base of professional skills and enhance their resume.

Therapists Will Grow Personally from the NLP Training

NLP training is not an information dump. It’s a highly individualized learning and growth experience. It attracts therapists who are interested in their own personal development.

The iNLP Center is Highly Accredited

iNLP Center is a great place to train. Therapists can trust us because our learning material has been reviewed and approved, not just by CAMFT, but also by NAADAC, ICF, IAPLC, INA and a host of other third party accrediting bodies and professional associations.

Learn NLP Online AND with Others in a Live Setting

iNLP Center trainings are hosted online, so you can study when and wherever you have an internet connection. And we go well beyond online learning. Offering over 25 live classes weekly, iNLP Center helps professionals integrate the learning through live, online classes.